Client Testimonials

I strongly and enthusiastically endorse Belowich & Walsh as an extremely competent and experienced law firm that provides effective solutions to your specific, unique legal situation. I retained Belowich & Walsh LLP to represent me in a Foreclosure lawsuit. In addition to bringing a wealth of competency and battle-tested experience in the area of Real Estate litigation, Belowich & Walsh displayed an unparalleled willingness to listen carefully to my needs and desired outcome, were tirelessly responsive to my questions and concerns, and were laser-focused on giving me maximum return within my legal budget. Throughout the entire engagement, their professionalism and personal attention allowed me to maintain a strong sense of comfort and security with something as important to my family as retaining our home. I wholeheartedly endorse and recommend teaming up with Belowich & Walsh to address the next matter, small or large, that requires competent, effective legal representation.
— CS (property owner)
Belowich & Walsh has impressively handled an array of construction related cases on my company’s behalf. These have ranged from contract disputes, lien disputes, and most recently a construction case in the process of mediation. In each of these cases, the attorneys at Belowich & Walsh have been proven to be reassuring, accessible, and effective communicators. And with a track record of success and a dedicated results-driven attitude I’ve been very satisfied with our work together. I would be happy to recommend Belowich & Walsh to any colleagues of mine that need a successful and trusted firm to represent their interests in a construction dispute.
— MT (owner of construction management company)
We first retained Belowich & Walsh to assist our real estate development company in a dispute with a former contractor. Belowich & Walsh handled the case extremely well. The attorney in charge at all times had an excellent grasp on all the relevant documents, background, previous correspondence between the parties, etc. and used it with great effect both during the negotiations and the formal mediation (the dispute was solved to our satisfaction during the mediation). I felt that our case was in good hands throughout the process and that it was handled very diligently. The attorney in charge was at all times approachable, trustworthy and very mindful of our interests. We were always kept in the loop during every stage of the proceedings, and all of our queries were promptly attended to.
— VK (owner of real estate development company)
Belowich & Walsh handled a breach of contract case for our firm that involved business entities and multiple personal guarantors. They interpreted the contract logically and made a strong case to the other side that compelled our opposition to settle on terms that were fair to both sides. Their ability to boil down a complexly worded contract was essential to the case going as it did. We would highly recommend them for sophisticated litigation matters.
— AF (commercial property owner)
I recently accepted an in-house, general counsel position for a municipality in Westchester County. One of my first actions was to retain Brian Belowich and the firm of Belowich & Walsh to provide outside counsel expertise. I first met Brian while working on a litigation team that was defending a bitterly fought complex federal lawsuit. And while numerous lawyers were assigned to the matter, through Brian’s hard-work, attention to detail and valuable counsel, he quickly became the leader of the group guiding the litigation strategy. Brian’s performance earned the respect of every attorney involved and, at conclusion of the matter, the judge made a point to single out Brian and compliment the quality of his representation. I would not hesitate to enthusiastically recommend Brian and his firm to anyone needing a tenacious defense in a legal matter.
— MB (general counsel for municipality)
My experience with Belowich & Walsh extends back several years, when I engaged Brian Belowich to represent me in a contract dispute with the public company I founded. Brian’s relentless demeanor coupled with a smart, savvy, business approach to legal proceedings assured me I not only had the right professional for this case, but I had an asset in my corner from a legal standpoint for life. Over the last decade my business has required the need for a strong legal team multiple times. I have relied on Brian and his team for contract disputes, arbitration hearings, litigation and more. My representation stood out in every proceeding and led to a favorable, fair result each time. The advice I have received has helped me through multiple endeavors, business and personal. The time taken to understand my concerns and the approach taken to my business and personal needs has provided me with a friend and advisor I can rely on regardless of the path life takes me on. Having no idea what the future has in store, I can’t imagine myself turning anywhere else for legal advice or representation.
— CO (founder of publicly traded company)
We first retained Brian Belowich in 2013, when we found ourselves named in a dispute with several contractors over the management and fit out of our commercial space during an expansion project. We could not have asked for a better advocate than Brian. Finding ourselves being sued and dealing with liens were not situations our company had previously dealt with, nor ever anticipated having to deal with. When we introduced our predicament to Brian, we were confused and overwhelmed. He actively listened and immediately gave us insight and confidence that he would navigate us through the legal realm that in which we had found ourselves in. Throughout the process it has been our experience that Brian is highly attentive, responsive and always makes himself available whenever we have a question or are seeking his support. He communicates often and is fair and straightforward with his assessments and updates of our position in our cases. He has helped us whenever it has been possible to negotiate settlements with favorable terms, when we were unable to do so ourselves. Brian is beyond professional and always operates with integrity. It is clear his work is well respected by those he interacts with in his professional community as well as by his clients. Where Brian is most impressive, and where I have yet to see his skill matched by any other attorney is during the deposition process. He considers your goals as a client and is thoughtful and calculated when formulating both offensive and defensive legal strategies. It is clear that he is prepared and has taken the time to research the opposing party. He is patient and intuitive and thereby adapts to the person he is deposing. He makes sure during what seems to be one of the most crucial parts of the litigation process that it is your story being told, not the opposing party’s. Even though our law suits have not concluded, we are confident Brian has given our business the best chance at success. His work has allowed us to keep our business in a position of continued success despite our legal issues. We feel fortunate to have Brian on our side. Deciding to hire Brian was a great decision and I would tell anyone in a similar situation to do the same.
— MB (owner of brewery and restaurant)
Belowich & Walsh handled a contract dispute involving a partner in my company. I could not have been happier with the quality of the work performed by this law firm. Brian Belowich, in particular, was very hands on and was on top of everything going on with my case. I always felt as if I knew what was happening and was never surprised by anything the other side came up with. Although the case is still ongoing I feel very comfortable in our position and in the advice I have been given by the attorneys at Belowich & Walsh. This is a firm I will certainly continue to use and recommend to anyone who needs help with a contract dispute.
— AS (owner/operator of food services company)
I used Belowich & Walsh’s legal services and had a very satisfactory result. I would highly recommend the attorneys at Belowich & Walsh. Initially, I was referred to them by a practicing attorney who also was very impressed with their legal acumen.
— PM (owner of auction gallery)
Belowich & Walsh is responsive, professional, and effective. I am highly impressed with their entire staff and am confident that my litigation needs are in great hands… I highly recommend Belowich & Walsh because of their expertise in navigating the complexities in order to bring cases to resolution.
— GO (co-owner of mortgage servicing company)
Previous sets of lawyers attempted to deal with my problem and failed. If you have a really tough problem, and I mean really tough, I strongly recommend Belowich & Walsh as your solution.
— DBM (CEO of investment banking firm)
Belowich & Walsh has been a pleasure to work with for all of my company’s legal needs. Unlike other firms, they do not try and upsell you. Overall, they are honest, reliable, and extremely responsive. I highly recommend them for all of your legal needs.
— MS (owner of information technology company)